Quin Dokters Amsterdam offers face-to-face and digital GP care

Quin Dokters Amsterdam offers face-to-face and digital GP care

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Digital care when it's possible, face-to-face care when it's needed

Quin Dokters Amsterdam offers a strong combination of digital and face-to-face healthcare. The digital tools we use are in place to decrease your GP’s workload, leaving them more time to care for you. Of course, our digital tools are no replacement for the warm human healthcare your GP gives. We believe in digital care where possible, face-to-face care where needed.

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When should you use the app? (all functions soon available)

For urgent complaints, always call the emergency line. You should use the app whenever you have non-urgent complaints. Using the symptom checker, you can find out quickly whether or not you need to visit the GP. You can also read medical articles in the app, retrieve information from your GP and keep track of your appointments. Because you map out your own health in the app, you know exactly where you stand. What’s more, you and your doctor will always be well prepared for your consultation thanks to the information in the app. That way you can be sure to find the healthcare that suits you best.


The importance of personal care and the warmth of human contact

Of course, we can’t solve everything digitally. And you can see this from the depth of the healthcare we offer, which is customized as much as possible. We think it is crucially important that you feel at home at Quin Dokters. That’s why we never lose sight of the importance of personal healthcare and the warmth of human contact.

Our digital health offering

Our digital health offering

Our digital health offering

Quin app (all features available soon)

Using our Quin app, you have access to digital healthcare always and everywhere. The app is made up of a medical profile, a symptom checker and medical articles that are written by GPs and specialists. It’s also good for sorting out the practical things, like making appointments for video consultations. With your permission, the GP can have access to the information in your medical profile in the app. That way you can both go into consultations well prepared.

  • Check your complaints 24/7 with the symptom checker
  • Get immediate advice telling you if and when a visit to your GP is necessary
  • Sort out practical issues, like making appointments for video consultations
  • Gain knowledge about symptoms, syndromes and lifestyle advice
Video consultations (available soon)

If you have complaints, it’s not always necessary to come in for a face-to-face consultation. Sometimes an appointment via video is a good alternative. If the symptom checker has advised that you should get in touch with the GP, for certain complaints you can arrange an appointment for a video consultation directly. The app will let you know if this is appropriate.

During a video consultation, the GP will go through your complaints with you and give you advice about possible next steps. That way you will know straight away if you need to make a follow-up appointment and if preliminary investigations, like keeping a complaint diary or having blood taken, are necessary.

E-mail consultations

For certain (non-urgent) queries, you can get in contact with your GP by e-mail via a secure connection. Afterwards your GP will answer your questions in the same secure environment. We call this an e-mail consultation, or e-consult.

An e-consult is not the most appropriate way to deal with every health question!

Appropriate subjects/questions for an e-consult might include:

  • Questions about lifestyle
  • Questions about medications
  • Questions about investigations and the results of investigations
  • Questions about complaints you’ve previously discussed with your GP in the surgery
  • Check-ups and questions about chronic conditions, like high blood pressure, asthma or diabetes

Do not use an e-consult for:

  • Urgent questions
  • Questions about new complaints
  • Questions that will (probably) require a physical examination
  • Emotional/psychological problems

Quin Dokters Amsterdam offers the option to sort out a number of things yourself:

  • Request repeat prescriptions online
  • View your medical file and investigation results online

Click here for instructions on how to make an account so you can make use of these services.

Our face-to-face healthcare offering

Our face-to-face healthcare offering

GP care

Conventional healthcare

At Quin Dokters Amsterdam, we offer good and personal GP care. You are the focus and together we look at what healthcare and treatment suits you best. 

Chronic care

Do you have a chronic illness, like diabetes, asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)? Or do you have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease? We pay special attention to patients who struggle with these problems. The practice assistants at Quin Dokters deliver continuous care to manage your condition as well as is possible. And that’s important, because only by continuously monitoring patients with these problems can we work out whether your medication is suited to your needs.

Psychosocial care

We all experience setbacks. You may struggle with problems at work or with relationships. Or you might struggle to deal with major life events. This also applies to educational problems or psychological problems in children, as can happen after a divorce or bereavement. For all these matters you can go to the practice for accessible psychological and social care. Our psychologists and community psychiatric nurses (POH-GGZ) can help you to get back in control of your life.

Small procedures

Extra time is allotted for minor surgery, like the removal of moles. Appointments are made after consultation with the GP.

The following procedures are carried out at Quin Dokters Amsterdam:

  • Inserting an IUD
  • Ingrowing toenails (unguis incarnatus) grow into the tissue at the side of the cuticle.
  • Naevus (another name for a mole)
  • Removal of lipomas (fatty lumps), sebaceous cysts (blocked sebaceous glands) etc.
  • Skin fibromas (dermatofibromas, small non-cancerous skin growths)
  • Various types of warts

If tissue is removed, it will be investigated in the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis (OLVG) in Amsterdam. The result is normally available within 14 days. Afterwards a check-up appointment with the doctor will be made and your stitches will be removed.

Treatment information

Ear syringing
Wart treatments
Urinalysis (testing your pee)
Lung function tests (spirometry)
The national cervical cancer screening program
The national breast cancer screening program
The national bowel cancer screening program