Quality and patient satisfaction

Quality and patient satisfaction


Quality and accreditation

As a patient, you want to be certain that your GP practice is providing you with the best possible healthcare. But how do you know how much value it attaches to the quality of the practice and care it provides? The answer lies with NHG and KNOV Practice Accreditation.

Quin Dokters Amsterdam has been an NHG-accredited GP practice since January 2013. We are very proud bearers of this hallmark. A GP practice only gets this accreditation if conforms to very strict requirements.

NHG Practice Accreditation is the mark of quality and the best method for systematic improvement of practice. This accreditation has been developed by the ‘Nederlands Huisartsen Genootschap’ (NHG - The Dutch General Practitioners’ Society), the scientific association of General Practitioners.

With this hallmark, a GP practice shows that it considers quality (in the areas of medical practice, medical treatment and patient assessment) important and that is continues to work systematically on quality improvements according to the nationally recognized standards.


Renewal of NHG Practice Accreditation

The NPA (NHG Practice Accreditation) carries out certification of General Practice with great care. However, even if a practice has been awarded the quality mark, the onus is still on the practice itself to provide good, responsible care.

If a practice meets these conditions, then it will be awarded the NHG quality mark. Each year an assessor visits the practice again to check whether it is complying with the agreements made, and to assess to what extent developments have been incorporated into the improvement plan. The quality mark is awarded one year at a time.

Quin Dokters Amsterdam has been hard at work with improvements in a range of areas over recent years to improve the quality of care in our practices. This includes, for example:

  • All of our protocols are in order.
  • We have made treatment protocols for our special patient groups, like Diabetes and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).
  • The files of patients who use many different types of medication are checked by a doctor and the pharmacist.
  • In our GP information system (Huisarts Informatie Systeem (HIS)), all conditions are coded according to an international classification system (the ICPC – International Classification of Primary Care)
  • Even our gloves are certified.

Patient satisfaction

As a general practitioner, we are primarily there for you. Your opinion about our GPs and our practice is therefore very important. In this way you help us to ensure that the care you receive from us is as good and pleasant as possible.

Would you like to participate in our patient survey? This takes about five minutes of your time and is anonymous.

This research is part of practice accreditation, with which the practice has the care provision and practice conducted tested by an independent party (NPA).



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