GP care for expats in Amsterdam

Excellent expat experiences

By and large, when expats visit a GP practice, they do not usually get the care and service they are used to. Dutch GPs are well trained and offer outstanding care but are often very careful when it comes to making prescriptions and referrals. Complaints are also sometimes made about over-full practices and busy GPs who do not have enough time, as well as long waiting lists in hospitals and other care healthcare institutions.

The Quin Dokters Amsterdam team understands the needs and expectations of expats who live in The Netherlands. Their goal is to make the Dutch healthcare system accessible for people who are away from home, without losing sight of excellent quality and service.


Personal attention

If medical attention is needed, the patient needs a GP who understands the situation and offers a solution that suits them best. Quin Dokters Amsterdam strives to give the patient that level of care and personal attention.

Our team understand the challenges an expat and their family face when they come to live in The Netherlands. Open communication and personal engagement are therefore high priorities. Our goal is to give the patient as comfortable and pleasurable an interaction as possible.