The patient portal

The patient portal


The patient portal

Quin Dokters Amsterdam uses a patient portal.

In this portal you can easily arrange a number of things yourself, like:

  • Requesting repeat prescriptions,
  • Starting an e-consult with your GP,
  • Look at your medical file and investigation results.

Click here to log in directly to the patient portal.

To be able to make use of the portal, you will need an account. To set this up, you will need a 06 (mobile phone) number and your own e-mail address. Below you will find instructions detailing how to make an account.


How do I request an account for the patient portal?

Fill out the form below to request an account for the patient portal. To create this we need your name, email address and mobile phone number.

Note: The portal does not support logging in with one account for the entire family. Each family member must have his/her own email address. It is possible to use the same mobile number for several family members.

After your request, the assistant will create a patient portal account for you, after which you will receive an email with instructions. After creating your password you can easily log in to the patient portal.

Request an account for the patient portal