Sharing your medical details

Sharing your medical details

Only with your permission!

Our practice uses the healthcare infrastructure to exchange a summary of your GP medical file with the out-of-hours GP service (the ‘huisartsenpost’ (HAP)). This contains your most important medical details. This is only possible if you have given permission in advance and if it is absolutely necessary for your treatment.

Do you want your most important medical details to be available if you have to unexpectedly pay a visit to the out-of-hours GP service? If so, it is important that you give us permission to share this information.

You can arrange this online via 

There are two ways you can give permission on this website:

  1. Fill in your details and send them using your DigiD by sms. We will receive your message in a special secure portal and process the information, noting in your medical file that you have given your permission.
  2. Fill in a form online, print it and give it to one of our colleagues. We will process it and make a note in your medical file that you have given permission.

You can also pick up an information leaflet and registration form from the practice assistant. After you have returned the completed, signed form to the assistant, we can record your consent in your medical file.

You can always withdraw your permission again. You can either do that via us, or via .

Sharing information with the pharmacy

Do you regularly get medications from one or more pharmacies? And would you like them to be able to make details about which medications you take available through the healthcare infrastructure? If so, give each pharmacy separate permission. The out-of-hours GP service or another pharmacy service can then request your medication details if they are necessary for your treatment. You can quickly and easily arrange to give permission at

More information

Would you like to know more about the electronic sharing of medical information via the healthcare infrastructure: for example, who can see your details or about the safety of the system? In that case, when you are next at the practice, ask for the brochure called ‘Uw medische gegevens elektronisch delen? Allen met uw toestemming!’ (Sharing your medical information electronically? Only with your permission!) or take a look on the website of the VZVZ (The Association of Healthcare Providers for Healthcare Communication)