Medical file and investigation results

Medical file and investigation results

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Your medical file

From now on you can view your medical file yourself online.

Your medical file contains, among other things:

  • The advice given by your GP
  • The results of lab tests
  • An overview of your (long-term) medication
  • Recent appointments with the GP
  • Reports from medical specialists

How do I log in?

You can see your medical file and investigation results easily here.

Caution: to view your details you need to have an account for the patient portal. Click here for more information.


Is my information safe?

Only the GP, practice staff members and you can see your information. Your details are safe and other people cannot see them. You can see your information after you are securely logged in.


Giving others access to your medical records

You can allow your medical file to be viewed by other people. For example, a family member or a good friend who helps with your healthcare. First, think about whether it’s OK for someone else to see your information. Don’t just give away your personal information for no reason.

Sometimes insurers, councils or another party will ask for details about your health. Often you are not obliged to give this information. In some cases, it may be that you do want to share your information: if this is the case, never hand over your entire medical file, just the specific information that is needed.

If you are in doubt about giving your medical information to someone, discuss this with the GP or practice assistant. They will be able to help you.

Your details are personal. Never give your login details to anyone.

More information?

You can find more information at