Make an appointment

Make an appointment


Face-to-face of telehpone consultation

It is not yet possible to arrange an appointment for a face-to-face consultation with the GP or practice assistants. This will become available soon via the Quin app. Until then, you can get in touch with the assistant to arrange a face-to-face or thelephone consultation.


Video consultations (available soon)

Do you want to make an appointment for a video consultation with your GP? From now on, via the Quin app you can make an appointment directly, day and night. Download the app here. Soon you can also make an appointment for a video consultation via the practice assistant. For contact information, see here.


E-mail consult

For certain (non-urgent) queries, you can get in contact with your GP by e-mail via a secure connection. Afterwards your GP will answer your questions in the same secure environment. We call this an e-mail consultation, or e-consult.

An e-consult is not the most appropriate way to deal with every health question!

Appropriate subjects/questions for an e-consult might include:

  • Questions about lifestyle
  • Questions about medications
  • Questions about investigations and the results of investigations
  • Questions about complaints you’ve previously discussed with your GP in the surgery
  • Check-ups and questions about chronic conditions, like high blood pressure, asthma or diabetes

Do not use an e-consult for:

  • Urgent questions
  • Questions about new complaints
  • Questions that will (probably) require a physical examination
  • Emotional/psychological problems

Would you like to start an e-mail consult with your GP? Click here.

Caution: to start an e-mail consult, you need an account for the patient portal. Click here for more information.