Welcome to Quin Dokters Amsterdam

Welcome to Quin Dokters Amsterdam

Welcome to Quin Dokters Amsterdam

Face-to-face and digital GP care, with enough time to give personal attention to every patient.

Quin Dokters Amsterdam focuses on you as the patient.

We combine the warmth of human healthcare with smart digital solutions. That way, we can offer good GP care with enough time to give personal attention to every patient.

Welcome to Quin Dokters Amsterdam

Visiting the practice

Are you visiting the practice? Please keep the following rules in mind:


- Wear a facemask that covers your nose and mouth
- Keep 1.5 meters distance


With these rules, we follow the advice of the Dutch College of General Practitioners (Nederlands Huisartsen Genootschap - NHG).

Thank you!

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28 July 2021
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28 June 2021
New: video consultation with a Quin doctor
28 June 2021
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02 July 2021
Vaccination certificate for travelling or event access

Questions COVID vaccinations

June 1, 2021


Do you have questions about the coronavirus? Contact the RIVM via 0800-1351 (public information number). This number can be reached daily from 8:00 - 20:00.  From abroad, the number can be reached by calling +31 20 205 1351.

Link: https://www.rivm.nl/contact



Update June 1, 2021


- From June 5, patients from birth years 1956 to 1960 who have NOT yet been vaccinated by us (the GP) can make an appointment for a corona vaccionation at the GGD.

N.B. People who have had the first vaccination with AstraZeneca via us (the GP), simply come to get the second AZ vaccination from the GP. Invitation is coming soon.


- People born in 1981 can schedule a vaccination appointment online from May 31 via this link. From Friday June 4 you can expect to reveive the the invitation.


- The flu vaccination group with a birth year between 1961 and 2003 has received an invitation letter from the RIVM for vaccionation at one of the GGD locations.



As a general practice, we have no influence on the national planning of the vaccinations. We ask you to wait for your invitation for a vaccination. To help you find the right information, we have listed some frequently asked questions and answers below with links to websites with information.


Frequently asked questions about Corona vaccination


Why should I choose to be vaccinated? And is vaccination mandatory?

‘Vaccination against the Corona virus is not compulsory. But if everyone gets vaccinated, the corona virus will no longer be able to spread. A vaccination protects not only yourself, but also the people around you’.

Source: Dutch government


When will I be vaccinated?

‘Do you want to know when you can be vaccinated against the coronavirus? On this website you can see when it is your turn’.

Source: Dutch government


Do I have a choice in the vaccine I get? 

‘You can't choose a particular vaccine. Based on (international) advice, the government decides if and which vaccines are suitable for a certain target group’.

Source: Dutch government


I have been vaccinated against Covid-19. When will I be protected?

‘Most people get 2 vaccinations for a good protection. You are 1 week (with the Pfizer vaccine) to 2 weeks (with the Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines) after the second shot well protected against the coronavirus. Sometimes, one vaccination is enough. That is if you receive the Janssen vaccine. Or when you have had COVID-19 in the past 6 months. In that case, you are also well protected against the coronavirus two weeks after the shot’.

Source: RIVM


How do I receive an invitation for corona vaccination?

When it is your turn for the corona injection, you will receive an invitation by mail’.

Source: Dutch government


What do GPs do with any vaccines that are left over?

‘GPs order carefully and only for people who are due for their vaccinations. You can't apply for vaccines that are left over’.

Source: Dutch government


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